Stars Aviation now launching in Aircraft Detailing business in Saudi Arabia.

We offer complete packages of aircrafts exterior and interior Aircraft detailing, deep cleaning and refurbishment.

Services Offer:
Aircraft Interior Washing/Cleaning/Detailing

Aircraft  detailing refers to the  deep cleaning of interiors of an aircraft in accordance to GACAR regulation. The materials that are used in furbishing  are obtained from the companies that are based in United States and these chemical are approved from most of the aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing, Airbus, and Gulfstream Bombardier etc.

The interior cleaning services are as follows;

  • Cabin Interior Cleaning / Detailing
  • Cockpit Interior Detailing
  • Cleaning and reconditioning
  • Carpet extraction
  • Lavatory washing/cleaning
Aircraft Exterior Washing/Cleaning/Detailing

The Exterior Services are as follows:

  • Aircraft Wet wash
  • Aircraft Dry wash

The wet wash is given to the aircraft when the aircraft is on ground for a longer period.

The wet wash is a complete cleaning plan for the aircraft exterior. Aircraft wet wash includes the cleaning of landing gears and doors, flaps, wings, belly, fuselage, tail section and the wind shield.

Dry washing of  aircraft are done with special soaps and materials ; the dry wash is only for removing the bugs and other contaminants from the aircraft surfaces. Most of the time Dry wash is given to the aircraft during turn around for a quick and clean aircraft surface.

Bright Work / Paint Polish / Paint Protection

Bright work are applied over the aluminum exposed parts of the aircraft such as the  wings and engine cowlings. Aluminum gets oxidized by time due to harsh weather conditions.

Most of the time the aluminum at the leading edge and cowlings get a layer of parasitic drag due to acid rain, bugs, and other stuff that is not visible by naked eye.

The paint polish are applied to make the painted part of the aircraft look more clean and remove the bugs, and spots from the painted surface.

The paint protection is usually done over the painted surface to give a coating to paint so that it gives an ultimate polymer protection to the paint due to which it lasts longer.